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Urban Maple Sugaring

21 Feb

Every time I tell someone that we’re tapping the trees in our back yard and hoping to make a little syrup, people tell me (again) that it takes so much sap to make so little syrup (I know the stat / 40:1).  They’re not getting the point – I don’t care.  I also feel like people should know me well enough to know that I’ve done the research and am well aware of that fact.

For me it’s not about the quantity – for the record, I don’t think I’ve eaten maple syrup in years.  It’s about the experience, and the skillset, and doing it ourselves, and if we’re lucky having some to share with our friends…and making it myself, even a little, means that I might eat it – so there’s that too.

We’re having a test-run next week and then doing a big batch for my birthday party on the 10th. And maybe, sugaring brunch will become a birthday tradition at our house…if we’re lucky.


There’s me drilling (under the watchful guidance of Marla – this is a lot more in her wheel-house than mine).

One of two taps that went in on Sunday.  A third went in today and a fourth will go in tomorrow.

Two taps on a so/so flow day (and a half) produced this much – well, a little more – I spilled some on my first attempt at filtering.  Oops.

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