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Hive #1 Delivered!

29 Mar

Just dropped the warre off at its new home. I’m sad that I won’t get to see it every day, but I’m happy to be teaching my new friends, Bonnie & Eric, about beekeeping!

They’re going to be living on a two acre lot on the edge of conservation land (that’s what’s over the stone wall there) with an ENORMOUS patch of wild raspberries to frolic in.  The brown edge there is the beginning of the patch, and it extends about 100 feet along the wall at about 8-10 feet wide the whole width.  I’m hoping Bonnie will let me help them also make some raspberry jam from the copious amount of fruit they’re sure to have.


I’m also excited to have a fully built-out box (that I’ve appropriately treated to ensure it’s a healthy place to put the girls) to start them off with.

There are queen cups in the wax from the industrious little swarmers I had last year and I’m not super sure of what to do about them. It seems that I could either leave them thinking that the bees will take them down and reuse the wax for something else – or I could pull out all the combs with cups, cut them out, and try reattaching them to the comb guides…which seems like a clumsy job if it’s not needed.

I have the question posted at my favorite bee forum, but if any of my readers have advice, I’ll gladly take it.

Just two weeks until bee day and one more hive to move. 🙂

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