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New Hives Location Needed

18 Jan

I know it’s only January, but it’s starting to feel like Spring already. I rode my bike to a networking event last night and a few days before that I took my first jog of the year!

It’s been too cold to see bees flying, but I’m starting to think about where to start over with my hives in April. I’ve sent emails out to a few local community gardens and some small-scale farms in both Central, MA and Rhode Island – my little orbit these days – but farmers aren’t known for their speedy email responses. 😉

If you know of anywhere that wants some new apian visitors, let me know – I’ve got two hives that need homes and hopefully will have honey to share in April of 2014 with whoever has space for my gals.

**Exciting update! I’m pretty sure I have a spot for one of my hives, which is great! One down, one to go!

**Exciting update #2! I think both hives are set. I’ll be meeting with both the homeowner and the farmer where the hives are going on March 2nd and taking some site scouting photos and then I’ll be ordering my bees.

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