Nadiring the Warre!

8 Jul


Today, I suited up and nadired the warre. Look at my grouchy face! It’s really hot and I was not wanting to put that thing on.


I sprayed sugar water in the entrance, took the lid off and them tried to pick up the top box (and a half). It didn’t go so well. I’m a pretty strong girl, but it didn’t budge….so I got out the hive tool and crammed it in there (gently) and wiggled it around in a few spots. I knew there was probably some burr comb connecting the two boxes.


Once I got the box off and set it on the ladder (I thought that would make a good box-stand, give the girls room to fly out), I made the split second decision to add the new box between the original 1st and 2nd. There are a few reasons for this:

1)There’s no comb in the bottom box yet, so there’s no box order to worry about.

2) The burr comb and other happy, home-smelling things that the bees may have left behind on the top boards of the 2nd box (formerly the floor of the 1st box) will hopefully coax them into the new box as those things are now on the floor of that box (and not comfortably close at the bottom of the full box they are not wanting to leave).

3) The returning foragers and the bucket brigade that brings pollen up into the hive was all down in the 1st box…so I thought it best to leave them be.



I quickly restacked the hive, no need to keep the hive open any longer than necessary, put the lid back on, and backed off.


I peeked out again about two hours later (and did some work in the roof garden) they seem to have returned to normal, they didn’t seem perturbed by my presence, and then as I was leaving, I watched them fight off a yellow jacket. Go, girls, go!

I won’t get out there again until Saturday, but hopefully by then they’ll be working on comb in the new #2 box.


One Response to “Nadiring the Warre!”

  1. chaindrivecharlie July 9, 2012 at 10:19 pm #

    Very well done !

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