Rhode Island Swarm Removal – Bee Swarm – Bee Catching!

11 Apr

I’m really hopeful that swarming season starts soon!  One of my favorite threads on beesource’s forum is the “post your swarm dates” thread.  It’s a compendium of swarm dates, locations, and management styles.  It’s a fun read for so many reasons, but I love watching the Northern creep!  I’ve seen some posts from Indiana, Ohio, and Virginia – and a few that noted agricultural zone 6b (which is often how Providence is classed).  I think it’s only a matter of a week or so before we start seeing calls up here.  I’d love to catch some bees this spring!  I have a hive ready and waiting.  Heeeeeeere little honey-bee!  buzz buzz!  (If you want me to come get bees from you – email honeyintherox@gmail.com)


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