Quiet Bees are Queenright Bees!

6 Apr

I sort of opened up the hive this morning – took the roof and the quilt off to get at the feeder to fill it, since I might not be able to go back out until Tuesday at this point.  The hive was nearly silent, but the feeder area was jam packed with bees guzzling down the  syrup.  Quiet bees are queenright bees, so I’m feeling pretty confident that they’ve accepted her.  I want to name her, but not until I see some brood going in….which may be a bit since they seem to be building into a box I can’t see into.  I was going to try to peer down through the feeder but it was super full of bees and it was a little chilly still – there were bees flying but I felt bad about having the roof off – so I just filled and buttoned it back up again.  If I can get out there Sunday, I will – but if not, I don’t have a window until Tuesday.  I’ll snoop around, take some pictures, and fill the feeder again – unless it’s raining – which it may be.

I also just ordered some lemon grass oil to bait my TBH with.  I want those neighbor bees to swarm on over here!


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