Found a Kenyan Top Bar Hive builder in Boston (ish)!

29 Feb

Just found an AWESOME guy in central MA who will build for such reasonable prices – he does carpentry and he keeps bees, so it seems logical that he’s building hives now.

He sent me pics, they’re great!

Plain Hive – love the hexagon up top!

Plain Hive

Observation Window

Window Open

Window open, hinged lid.

Top bars in place.

Sweeeeeet comb guides.

The plain hive, pine unpainted is $150, the window adds $50 and the hinged lid adds $20. Adding a bee friendly coating adds $20.  Obviously, he could change his prices at any point, so take this with a grain of salt.

Mine is going to have a window, but no hinges on the lid.

He lives in Boylston but also will deliver “for a fee” not sure what fee, I’m picking mine up. His name is Scott and he’s nationalginger@gmail – he’s super quick with email and really friendly and accommodating. If you email him, tell him Kelly sent you. 🙂


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