More bee-feeder-in-action shots.

21 Feb

We had a warm day and the two bees who were at the feeder must have told their friends about it, because there were 20 or so at a time on the feeder the other day.


I tried to see where they might be living – I got a general direction but then lost them.  It’s supposed to be warm for the next few days, so I’m hoping to see more of them and maybe get a better idea of where they’re coming from.  I have this secret hope that I’ll keep feeding them and help their hive strengthen and grow and that they’ll swarm and come live in my yard.  I care so much about them.

Marla is building me a warre style hive for my birthday, but I’ve been snooping around online to see if anyone will build be a Kenyan Top Bar as well.  I’m going to put the bees I bought in the warre, but in my secret plan – I’ll put the KTBH in the garden and bees will take up residence…and then I’ll have my purchased queen in a refined hive and name her Beatrice and I’ll have my feral queen in a little more rustic hive and name her Hippolyte….and I’ll keep their honey separated and see if there’s a difference.  This is crazy right?


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