Some Bee Stuff

14 Feb

I have been slowly gearing up this month in anticipation of the arrival of my bees on April 2nd.  So far I have a bunch of little things:

I don’t intend for the smoker to be a regular part of my practice, but I wanted to have one – especially at first, I know I’ll be nervous a lot and want the back up.  I’m going to try to light it and play with it in a day or so.  I’m also modeling a $150 bee suit I found on eBay for $50 because it has “blemishes” – I’ll take blemishes.  I also already had a spray bottle and a pocket knife – which will go in my kit.

In that same batch of ordering, I got a pair of baby chick watering bases so that I could make water stations for my bees.  Then when I was out in the yard the other day, I saw bees flying around looking for things and so I put it together and voila – drinking bees!

Which made me so happy that I’ve been stalking the weather since then, hoping for a 45 degree day that I’d be home during the day for.  Tomorrow might fit that bill – but it looks like Wednesday definitely will.


One Response to “Some Bee Stuff”

  1. kfricker September 19, 2012 at 10:21 pm #

    Take it easy Bee suit. Gotta have fun.

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